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Monday, November 10, 2014

Guess what ? Knitting craze set to hook youngsters this Christmas, GRAB YOURS!

Lexie and Cra-Z-knits toy tipped as top seller this Christmas
Surely good things for teens creativity

FORGET loom bands... knitting is set to be the big craze for girls this Christmas.

For the Cra-Z-Knitz toy has been tipped as a top festive seller by the Toy Retailers Association, rivalling hi-tech games, Frozen dolls and Lego in popularity.

The item set, which includes a portable desk and knitting tools, has struck a chord with youngsters as it allows them to design and knit colourful items with glitter yarn to give to friends or wear themselves.

The loom band craze that peaked this summer has led children to crave toys based on crafts like knitting and sewing.

Lexie Dean, 12, of Barnet, north London, who spent the last week in her bedroom making a beanie hat with the toy, is a fan.

She said: “I really got into the loom bands. I’ve got hundreds in a drawer at home, but when you make them over and over again, it becomes boring.

loom bands
Loom bands

“When I saw the knitting toy I thought it was going to be really hard, but it’s really easy. You just have to repeat the action over and over again to make something, like the loom bands, but you get to make different things that you can use.

“I think it’ll be the next big craze as all my friends think it’s great fun.” And sure you don't want to be like them :

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